Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The End

I'm not active in Second Life anymore. There are several reasons... It's not as fun as it used to be, maybe not much of a surprise, I mean it's almost 8 years since I joined. It was a way for me to escape RL but that hasn't worked so well the past few years. Also, I can't keep up with the tech changes, I would need a more powerful computer, a gaming computer, which I can't afford to buy.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fitted Mesh

About time, now I'm finally interested in buying mesh creations. I haven't used any mesh "items" since it was introduced.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Faster Avatar Loading - Hahaha!!!

So we all did, at least I, hoped that the avatars would load faster and better, but it only deals with your avatar skin and clothing layer textures. SSA/B/Sunshine does NOT render mesh, objects, sculpts, etc, so what was the point with it. Most avatars wear many objects, sculpts or mesh, so where is the improvement?! Now I see avatars skin but not their clothes/outfits... lol.

Look at the picture below, notice the red circle... is this really "Faster Avatar Loading"...?!

(Yeah, that's my avatar, no more blonde hair, etc. I don't get contacted by strangers so often now *LOL*.
And yes some parts of my outfit dates back to 2007, it's a mix&match. I don't care that's it's old if the texture is good, I can wear the same outfit day out and day in until I get tired of it. I have a huge inventory and I'm not into the SL commerce any longer, I don't care about "fashion" anymore, I've spent enough of my RL money on that.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

GPU and RAM issues = Fixed

So last Sunday, I've spent many hours in the Nvidia Control Panel, trying different profiles, tweaked the settings etc. I must have done something right, the FPS is lower now, before it was around 100+ in a non-crowded sim. Now it's more "normal" around 30 FPS. And that seemed to have improved the video card usage. So with both the LL Viewer and Firestorm, RAM/memory is fine as well my GPU, temp and fan.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fuck this shit!!!!

The SL viewer worked fine for awhile, but monitoring my GPU with Nvidia Inspector, showed that all the load is on the video card now, and RAM/Memory is fine...!??? After the new "improvements" SL have done lately, as SSA/B/Sunshine (BS have many names), have made my SL experience to a tech hell. I had to stop monitoring my video card, in SL, it's close to get maxed out, temp, fan, memory, very high. So now I'm using Firestorm, no difference :-/ there is no viewer that I can use that doesn't put a strain on my GPU/Video Card. WTF happened, last week it was RAM/Memory issuses, but so much cheaper to upgrade the RAM than buying a new video card.

I mean the "Sunshine Project" only means server side baking/appearence, it's only dealing with your avatar skin and clothing layer textures only. Mesh, sculpties, objects, etc is still on the client side. I'm so fucking dissapointed, fuck mesh. Can't even go to some places becuase of all the mesh.I haven't bought anything in mesh and I doubt I'll never will. I have enough items in my inventory (that I paied RL money for) to last me a long time. I don't give a shit about SL fashion, I can wear the same "look" for months, cause I don't care.

The only thing that still makes me to log into SL is my friends, the awesome music and the DJ's that spins it.

Okay, I didn't sleep well last night, first I woke at 1 am am then at 3 am (CET), I'm in a really shitty mood, I need music that I can relate to, heavy duty hardstyle and not this mainstream "electro" they're spinning at Beachwood atm. Changed url in winamp, okay they speak german, which I don't understand, wtf german commercials, but when the music comes on... That's more my mood.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Faster avatar rendering
"By now most of you have probably noticed improvements in the speed at which you and other avatars render your worn clothing: that’s one of the things SSA is designed to do. But please note SSA doesn’t address rendering of objects, sculpts or mesh, worn or otherwise. SSA deals specifically with your avatar skin and clothing layer textures only."
Source: Firestorm Viewer

So mesh will still be an issue and use a lot of my computers RAM/Memory. That's why I haven't noticed any significant improvements when it comes to memory usage. YaY for Mesh! (NOT!)

I'm not sure if it's mesh that's "eating" my computers memory, all I know is that I did not have any issues with high memory usage, before mesh was introduced and was using Phoenix Viewer 1.5 (non-mesh). Even after mesh was established on the grid, I didn't have any memory issues, using Phoenix 1.5, cause it couldn't render it. So for me and my experience, it appears like mesh is the problem.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Second Life 3.6.3 (279564) Viewer after "Sunshine"

So for some reason when I tried to log into SL yesterday, I was kicked out from the 'Projects Materials Viewer' and are now using 'Second Life 3.6.3 (279564) Viewer'. I was hoping that with 'SSB/A /Sunshine' that less memory would be used, but that's not the case. I wrote a post in the SL Tech Forum, SL Viewer, I will just copy and paste that here, too lazy to write about it all again.
"4 GB RAM isn't enough to run any of the viewers now, you need to upgrade it (if you can afford it). I have 4 GB RAM in my computer and for a month I've been monitoring the memory usage as well as my video card, with Nvidia Inspector.

For a month I was using the 'Projects Materials Viewer' and memory usage varied depending on how many avs there were on a sim. It also depends on how many programs and processes that's running on your computer. I have been closing the ones that weren't necessary, so with the necessary Windows processes running and Firefox running, my memory usage has been up to around 80% as highest. That's a lot and makes my computer sluggish, but I haven't had any BSOD's.

Yesterday, I installed Firestorm and Singularity just to compare and noticed that it didn't use as much RAM as the "PM Viewer", but my video card was affected instead, temperature around 80'C and the fan running at 100%. So those 2 viewers are not an option for me, I mean RAM/Memory is so much cheaper to buy than a new video card.

Also yesterday, there were 2 mandatory updates when I logged in with the "PM Viewer", when logging in after the second one I noticed I was on the official 'Second Life 3.6.3 (279564)'...?! The temperature and fan on my GPU/Video Card went down to "normal", but memory will still be an issue. I didn't have time to check it out in a "crowded" (30+ avs) place, but I'm sure it will use a lot of memory. So I definetly need to uprade the RAM, but I can't afford it now, maybe after Christmas.

Later. So I have increased the virtual memory (Win 7), standard was 4063 MB, the automatic box was checked. Now I changed it to 'Own Size' and max size to 6093 MB. I'm logged in at Beachwood atm, there are 25-28 avs here. I have Firefox open and using the 'Second Life 3.6.3 (279564) Viewer'. Memory stays below 70% and GPU/Video Card, temp: 55*C, Fan: 45 % and GPU Load: 37 %. FPS around 64 and Ping Sim around 200 msec, no packet loss. It seems as by increasing the virtual memory does help a bit. But for an optimal experience, more memory is needed."
Source: SL Tech Forum

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Linden Labs 'Materials Project Viewer'

As I wrote earlier, I've been testing this beta viewer for almost a month. I had rendering issues with flexi hair and water on friday. Today when I logged in, there was a mandatory update, I installed it and the issues I had with alpha rendering is solved. My avatar is at Beachwood atm and everything looks fine, there are 35 avs here and memory usage is 77% (with Firefox running). My CPU and video card is functioning well, it's just that my 4 GB RAM is not enough. I'll wait until SSB is implemented on the main server as well, to see if that makes any difference.
Second Life 3.6.3 (279904) Aug 15 2013 19:00:57 (Second Life Project Materials)
Release Notes

You are at 227,342.0, 230,698.0, 41.6 in Beachwood located at (
Second Life Server
Release Notes

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         750  @ 2.67GHz (2674.98 MHz)
Memory: 4063 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 250/PCIe/SSE2

Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.2049
OpenGL Version: 3.3.0

libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1
J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.0
Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.12
Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded)
Voice Server Version: Not Connected
Built with MSVC version 1600
Packets Lost: 33/334,795 (0.0%)
So I've been at Beachwood for 3 hours now, monitoring my computers memory and the video card (with Nvidia Inspector). Memory usage: 77-79%, depending on how many avatars there are on the sim. When more avs arrive memory increases even if my cam isn't "perving", I have it focused on my own avatar. I did a "perv" around the dance floor a few minutes ago, there were around 30 avs, and the viewer stalled a few times when I moved the cam around. FPS have been pretty good though 50-55, bandwidth around 100 kbps and ping sim around 200 msec.

Video Card fluctuates, temperature have gone up to 70*C and fan up to 80%.

Now at Beachwood, 30 avatars and memory usage: 78%. Below is my video card stats.
Temperature: 64*C
Fan: 65%
GPU Load: 25%